Maggy Voorsluys Gomez

Maggy Voorsluys Gomez is a well known expressive artist/painter in the Netherlands. Much of her paintings has been exhibited in several art collections for municipal organisations, museums, business corporations and private art collections.
She travelled a lot around the world, especially to non Western countries (like Japan) that thereby appeared to be her inspiration for her autonomous work as an artist. During these travels she also developed her artisitc gifts as a photographer and made beautiful photo reports.

Besides her work as an autonomous artist she also works as a creative designer and illustrator.
This site also shows several commisions that she created for corporated business companies. Her work as applicated art and design consists of designs and illustrations, (corporated) brochures, annual reports, special limited editions, calenders, Christmas postcards as well as invention and realisation of business contact gifts.
She also works as an art advisor/curator and realised diverse national art exhibitions for business companies (profit and non profit sector) and art foundations.

Maggy was educated at the Art Academy in Utrecht, the National Art Institute in Amsterdam as well as the Teacher Training Academy for Art and Design in Amersfoort, today better known as the Master School for Arts and Education in Utrecht.
Her specialisations are: monumental design related to architecture [internal/external], autonomous painting art, teaching graphic art, design and photography.


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